”How Would You Like To Personally Escape The Recession Just By Listening To Our Brainwave Audio?“

A Recession is simply where everyone agrees there is no money, and as a result they stop spending. When you stop spending, you focus on saving money, instead of making more of it.

Once you stop worrying about your financial survival, and the survival of those you care about, you can put the energy you were putting into worrying into finding ways to make more money!

Our audio tracks will help you do this, by allowing your mind to process your worries and get them in perspective.

Each track alters your brainwave frequencies using a stereo sound effect. This activates the parts of the brain that should be finding solutions to the issues you are worrying about.

Download Links:

  • Having Needs Met - Right-Click Here to Download (11.4MB MP3)
    This track helps you feel re-assured that your needs will be met - and the needs of your children, and of your parents.
  • Co-Operation - Right-Click Here to Download (11.8MB MP3)
    Desperate thoughts lead to thoughts only of self-preservation and isolation, while almost all solutions to problems involve co-operating with other people.

Don't take our word for it, download the MP3 files and try the audios now. It's absolutely free, because we know that if these tracks help you feel better about the recession, you'll be interested in our Brainwave Supercharge 7-Track Programme (and you'll be more willing to spend the small amount of cash to buy it!).

Important Guidance for listening to the Brainwave MP3s:

  1. Listen to a maximum of ONE Brainwave per day.
  2. Use stereo earphones or headphones. This is essential for your Brainwaves to be altered.
  3. Do not listen when you are too tired, sleepy, or dehydrated.
  4. Expect to notice a difference after around 5 days if you are listening to the same track daily, and after 10 days if you are switching between tracks.
  5. Before bedtime is a good time to listen, the track will often make you feel drowsy.
  6. Always listen to each track right to the end - especially if you feel uncomfortable halfway through. If you feel like stopping, that is usually a sign that you are processing thoughts and feelings that need processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Brainwave Supercharge at the same time as Holosync?

Actually yes. We're big fans of Bill Harris and Holosync, and because Brainwave tracks work at much lower frequencies (mostly Delta) than Holosync it should be fine to use them both on the same day. If you have studied the human energy system, Holosync works more around the Chakra frequencies and Brainwave Supercharge targets the Meridian frequencies.

Because of the way we use questions to target your attention, you're likely to get more immediate results in particular areas with Brainwave Supercharge.

Do the Brainwave Supercharge tracks contain Affirmations?

Actually no. At the beginning of each track we ask the right open-ended questions and allow your mind to find the answers. This leads your mind to automatically find the right affirmations for you.

Why shouldn't I listen to more than one Brainwave a day?

Most of the processing work continues in the background after the track has finished. In fact, each track contains brainwave frequencies only in 30-60 second bursts, in between we give your mind time to process the new thoughts.

For this reason it's best to listen to one track a day, and allow your mind time to process. Some people may even prefer 2-3 days in between tracks, and that's just fine.

In what order should I listen to the tracks?

In whatever order you like - maybe you want to listen to each track five times in a row before going on to the next one, or maybe you want to listen to them all once before listening to one a second time. It's entirely up to you to listen to whichever one seems right at any given moment.

How many times should I listen to the tracks?

The biggest benefit comes around the 3rd listening, and usually it won't help to listen to any one track more than 5 times over the course of a week. After 3-5 times, wait 2-4 weeks before listening to the track again.

Can I burn the Brainwave tracks to CD?

Yes, they'll work fine if you copy them to CD. Some CD players will even play CDs containing files of MP3. If your CD player requires a regular Audio CD you will need to make sure that your CD burning software is capable of creating an Audio CD from MP3 files. Most are, including Ahead Nero (including Express) and Roxio. For further help with this consult your CD burner manual or help files.

We suggest burning each track to a separate CD to ensure you don't accidentally listen to more than one Brainwave in a row.

More Questions?

Just drop us a line - help AT brainwavesupercharge DOT com