“Can you really stop smoking after listening to our 2 Brainwave-Enhancing audios just 3 times each?”

Well, yes, you can.

We'll tell you a bit more about how this might work below - more importantly you can find out for yourself by downloading them here absolutely for free. We know that if our free audios help you stop smoking, you'll be interested in our 7-Track Brainwave Supercharge Programme.


  • Stop Smoking - Right-Click Here to Download (15MB MP3)
    This track helps you question the decisions you make every time you decide to have a cigarette, and the identity you have as a smoker. Because this track asks you questions rather than trying to reprogram you, there is no limit to how deep this track can go.
  • Cigarette Taste Buster - Right-Click Here to Download (15MB MP3)
    This track helps your body remember that you don't even like cigarettes. Most people have to learn to like smoking in the first place, and this track helps you un-learn that acquired taste.


  1. You MUST listen to these tracks using stereo earphones or headphones - the bigger the better as the bass response helps the effectiveness of the track. The audio uses stereo effects to activate different areas of the brain, so just listening through your computer speakers won't work.
  2. Don't listen to more than one track per day. It's best to start with the Cigarette Taste Buster and then alternate each day.
  3. Finish each track once you start it. Any discomfort you feel during the track will almost always pass by the time it finishes. If it doesn't, be prepared to take a nap, a relaxing bath, or walk it off.
  4. Expect to notice a difference after around 5 days if you are listening to the same track daily, and after 10 days if you are switching between tracks. Most people will find the biggest benefit after 3 listenings of each track. If you still haven't stopped smoking after 5 listenings of each track, email us: stopsmoking at brainwavesupercharge dot com and we'll have a chat. If we think we can make you a track that will help you and others who the first track didn't work for, we will.
  5. Be KIND to yourself while you use these tracks. It doesn't have to be hard to give up smoking, but you've probably already realised your habit is connected to many different aspects of your life, so there will be disruption and you probably won't feel good all the time. It's totally fine to smoke if you feel like it - don't 'try' to give up, just allow the brainwaves to help you change your mind about smoking one step at a time.

How On Earth Do These Audios Work?!!

Great question, and we're glad you asked.

Scientists will tell you that Brainwaves range between 'Beta' Waves, at 15-40 Hz (beats per second) down to 'Delta' Waves, which are ten times slower at 1.5 to 4 Hz. Scientists can measure brainwaves via electrical activity in the brain - but this only shows up when a part of the brain is active.

When your brainwaves stop completely, you are brain dead. However this is happening to all of us on a small scale all the time - any time you choose not to think about something, that part of your brain simply switches off. Don't worry though, it's not dead - just asleep.

Our audios simply ask you a question to direct your attention to the part of your brain that isn't thinking, and then we play the right frequency to wake that part of the brain up. That part starts thinking again, your thoughts start moving, and change can happen easily.

Most people have a pretty good idea about why they smoke - but they can't fully understand it or they'd stop. That understanding is locked up in a part of the brain that is asleep.

The Stop Smoking audio asks the right questions to guide your attention to find what it is you need to understand about why you smoke.

The Taste Buster audio is a little different. I'd heard that Chinese doctors were able to use acupuncture to re-tune your body chemistry such that cigarettes made you feel sick again - just like the first one did. Acupuncture works to wake up parts of the brain just like our audios, but by pricking points on the nervous system instead of using sound frequiencies. The Taste Buster audio is designed to recreate that acupuncture treatment.

At the end of the day, the only way to know if these audios will work for you is to try them yourself, so download them above, and let us know either way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Brainwave Supercharge at the same time as Holosync?

Actually yes. We're big fans of Bill Harris and Holosync, and because Brainwave tracks work at much lower frequencies (mostly Delta) than Holosync it should be fine to use them both on the same day. If you have studied the human energy system, Holosync works more around the Chakra frequencies and Brainwave Supercharge targets the Meridian frequencies.

Because of the way we use questions to target your attention, you're likely to get more immediate results in particular areas with Brainwave Supercharge.

Do the Brainwave Supercharge tracks contain Affirmations?

Actually no. At the beginning of each track we ask the right open-ended questions and allow your mind to find the answers. This leads your mind to automatically find the right affirmations for you.

Why shouldn't I listen to more than one Brainwave a day?

Most of the processing work continues in the background after the track has finished. In fact, each track contains brainwave frequencies only in 30-60 second bursts, in between we give your mind time to process the new thoughts.

For this reason it's best to listen to one track a day, and allow your mind time to process. Some people may even prefer 2-3 days in between tracks, and that's just fine.

In what order should I listen to the tracks?

In whatever order you like - maybe you want to listen to each track five times in a row before going on to the next one, or maybe you want to listen to them all once before listening to one a second time. It's entirely up to you to listen to whichever one seems right at any given moment.

How many times should I listen to the tracks?

The biggest benefit comes around the 3rd listening, and usually it won't help to listen to any one track more than 5 times over the course of a week. After 3-5 times, wait 2-4 weeks before listening to the track again.

Can I burn the Brainwave tracks to CD?

Yes, they'll work fine if you copy them to CD. Some CD players will even play CDs containing files of MP3. If your CD player requires a regular Audio CD you will need to make sure that your CD burning software is capable of creating an Audio CD from MP3 files. Most are, including Ahead Nero (including Express) and Roxio. For further help with this consult your CD burner manual or help files.

We suggest burning each track to a separate CD to ensure you don't accidentally listen to more than one Brainwave in a row.

More Questions?

Just drop us a line - help AT brainwavesupercharge DOT com