“What Would You Like To Create In Your Life? Would You Like To Create More Wealth And Better Relationships?”

Our Harmonic MP3s tune your brain to the
right frequencies to put you in control.

It's true that our thoughts create our reality, but they do so indirectly. A better way to look at it, is that our thoughts determine our actions, and it's our actions that create results in the world.

Thoughts don't occur in the brain, thoughts occur in the mind. No-one really knows what the mind is, scientists can't detect it because it has no mass or energy. All we can do is infer it's existence - science can detect the effects of the mind - each thought is reflected in electrical impulses in the brain.

The brain is the bridge between your mind and your body. The mind is infinite, and the body is the most versatile machine there is. The only limitation is the brain.

Only a small part of your mind gets reflected in your brain - this is the part of your mind that you are conscious of. You have no awareness of the other part, that's your sub-conscious.

We only have control over what is in the conscious part of our mind. But all of our thoughts manifest in our reality.

The way to control more of your actions in the world is to control more of your mind. The way to control more of your mind is to tune your brain to allow more thoughts into your awareness.

We've created our audio programme to do exactly that. ;)

Magnus and Joseph - BrainwaveSupercharge.com

Here's what the 4 tracks in our audio programme will do for you:

  • Eating Right - Ensures that you are fueling your body correctly. Your body is the vehicle through which the mind creates in the world, so fuelling it correctly is vital.
  • Becoming More Attractive - Helps you think of yourself as attractive, which makes you behave and become more attractive.
  • Working Hard - This track helps you become a harder worker, allowing you to create more results in the physical world.
  • Creating Your Reality - The key to creating your reality is realising that you already do. This is the most important track is it allows you to see the ways in which you are creating what you have, and the ways you can create what you want.

You'll also receive 3 bonus tracks with the audio programme:

  • Getting Things You Want - While listening to this track your mind will open up to the specific next steps you need to take in order to be, do, and have what you want.
  • Being Healthy - This track helps you fully understand why you didn't like exercise in the past, which allows you to learn to enjoy it.
  • Finding the Perfect Partner - There are three steps to this: Knowing what you want, realising why you've kept yourself apart from it, and becoming the perfect partner for them.

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After PayPal you'll be able to download the audio tracks as MP3 files to listen to on your computer or copy to an MP3 player such as an iPod. You can also burn them to a CD if you have the right CD burning software such as Nero.

Important: Make sure you click all the way through the PayPal payment process until you reach the download page. You will also receive an email with a reminder of the link - but ONLY if you click all the way through PayPal back to BrainwaveSupercharge.com.

Guarantee: If after listening to each track five times, you do not find any benefit, we will be more than happy to refund your payment. You are also protected by PayPal's terms and conditions.

Brainwave Supercharge makes Manifestation automatic

Each listening of each track helps you think more clearly in the area for which it is designed. Questions in the audio focus your attention on the right part of your life, and the harmonic frequencies activate the part of the brain responsible for those thoughts.

Your thoughts control your actions, and with clearer, more coherent thoughts, you will take clearer, more coherent steps towards what you want. That is how the process of manifestation really works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Brainwave Supercharge at the same time as Holosync?

Actually yes. We're big fans of Bill Harris and Holosync, and because Brainwave tracks work at much lower frequencies (mostly Delta) than Holosync it should be fine to use them both on the same day. If you have studied the human energy system, Holosync works more around the Chakra frequencies and Brainwave Supercharge targets the Meridian frequencies.

Because of the way we use questions to target your attention, you're likely to get more immediate results in particular areas with Brainwave Supercharge.

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Do the Brainwave Supercharge tracks contain Affirmations?

Actually no. At the beginning of each track we ask the right open-ended questions and allow your mind to find the answers. This leads your mind to automatically find the right affirmations for you.

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How long is each track?

About 12-15 minutes. You'll usually want to lie quietly for a few minutes after - sometimes up to an hour. You'll often want to sleep - this will help the changes to integrate throughout your system.

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Why shouldn't I listen to more than one Brainwave a day?

Most of the processing work continues in the background after the track has finished. In fact, each track contains brainwave frequencies only in 30-60 second bursts, in between we give your mind time to process the new thoughts.

For this reason it's best to listen to one track a day, and allow your mind time to process. Some people may even prefer 2-3 days in between tracks, and that's just fine.

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In what order should I listen to the tracks?

In whatever order you like - maybe you want to listen to each track five times in a row before going on to the next one, or maybe you want to listen to them all once before listening to one a second time. It's entirely up to you to listen to whichever one seems right at any given moment.

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How many times should I listen to the tracks?

The biggest benefit comes around the 3rd listening, and usually it won't help to listen to any one track more than 5 times over the course of a week. After 3-5 times, wait 2-4 weeks before listening to the track again.

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Can I burn the Brainwave tracks to CD?

Yes, they'll work fine if you copy them to CD. Some CD players will play CDs containing files of MP3, in which case you can fit all the tracks on one CD. If your CD player requires a regular Audio CD you will need to make sure that your CD burning software is capable of creating an Audio CD from MP3 files. Most are, including Ahead Nero (including Express) and Roxio. For further help with this consult your CD burner manual or help files.

We suggest burning each track to a separate CD to ensure you don't accidentally listen to more than one Brainwave in a row.

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